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LNR Warner Center is an area in Woodland Hills, California that houses many professional businesses. There are four five-story buildings and one three-story building so the property requires a lot of signage. We have worked with many businesses at the LNR Warner Center. Aside from the quality of our products, we are the first choice for a sign company because we’re familiar with the existing signs on the property. When a new tenant moves in or a tenant moved out, a lot of the signage needs to be updated. Sometimes all or part of a sign needs to be replaced, and we know exactly how to make them match the e

When entering a large office building that you’ve never been in, the first thing you do is find the directory. It’s usually located close to the entrance and lists the different suites or floors along with the businesses that are occupying them. The building we were working on at LNR Warner Center has a lobby that has a metallic directory sign with clear strips to display the different tenants and their suite number.

Regardless of whether there is information to display, the directory sign always has all of the panels. The panels don’t get replaced, the company name and suite number are applied and removed as tenants move and the panels stay put. The panels are made from 3/8″ thick green tinted glass and were already made and installed before we started doing any work at LNR Warner Center.

Whenever we need to display new information, we reverse plot the information from black vinyl using the same font as all of the other panels. We reverse plot the information because the vinyl is applied second surface. A first surface application would just be applying the vinyl directly onto the front of the glass. If you apply the vinyl first surface, you can see the change in the material and it’s more susceptible to peeling or damage. When we replace the vinyl for this sign, we take the panel off and apply the vinyl from the back so from the front, the panel and lettering all look like one piece, and no one can touch it to make the vinyl peel.

The new panel looks great and blends in perfectly with the rest of the directory sign. Directional signs are crucial in helping people navigate around office buildings or apartment complexes. Feel free to check out other wayfinding and directional signs that we’ve worked on in the past on our website gallery.