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Your logo is a huge part of your branding, and a good logo says a lot about your company. Nordhoff Veterinary Hospital in Chatsworth, California is right around the corner from us on Nordhoff, a major street in the San Fernando Valley. Their logo is colorful, eye-catching, and does a great job of explaining exactly what they do and where they are. Even though Nordhoff is a long street, anyone living in the San Fernando Valley who sees the name will know that this pet hospital is local.

They have a large pole sign in their parking lot that they were considering updating, along with some letters on the building near the door. As they were discussing these existing signs with our sign consultant, they brought up the idea of getting a new lobby sign for the reception area. They had a lot of space on the wall behind the front desk and thought it would be a good idea to display their logo there.

They definitely wanted to be true to their logo so we decided to go with a custom painted acrylic sign. As long as we have the master logo file, we can get the logo colors to create a custom paint for the sign. We used two custom colors with a gloss finish. We start with a sheet of acrylic that we flat-cut the letters and parts of the logo from, for this sign we used 1/4″ thick acrylic, and custom paint the different sections and pieces.

For the section of the logo that reads “VETERINARY”, we just made a rectangular panel with rounded corners and applied the letters with white vinyl. Since the sign was going onto a white wall, the question did come up of routing the letters out of the panel, but the client decided to just have the lettering in vinyl. The details on the dog and cat are also done in white vinyl. The sign was mounted flush onto the wall using VHB tape.

If you don’t need a particular color used, we can just use pre-pigmented acrylic. Aside from the basic black and white options, acrylic also comes in generic common colors. Another route you could go with acrylic is metallic. We can laminate the faces of the acrylic letters or logo with metal to give it a metallic look without using metal for the whole sign. Feel free to check out our website gallery for examples and to get some inspiration for your lobby sign.