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A few months ago, Ortho Engineering reached out to us for some exterior and interior signs they needed for their location on North Broadway. While we were in the process of permitting their exterior sign, they wanted to start on another sign project for their Lynwood location. Their Lynwood office is in an office building so they didn’t have a need for a building sign, just a lobby sign. If you don’t have an individual storefront to display your logo and company name, interior signs like door signs and lobby signs are a great option.

In general, there are two main options when it comes to making your logo into a sign with 3-dimensional letters. You can either create the logo with the logo colors or go with a metal look. Both are doable, it just depends on your style preference regarding which one you decide to go with. When using custom logo colors, we usually go with an acrylic sign. The acrylic letters can be custom painted or we can apply a digital print to achieve a specific color, texture, or pattern. Alternatively, if you’re looking for generic colors we can just use pre-pigmented acrylic. Acrylic comes in quite a few colors so if you’re okay with a generic blue or red, this would be a great option.

Ortho Engineering decided to go with a brushed metal look for their interior logo sign. We used aluminum because it’s lightweight and a great material option for signage. Aluminum is very versatile as there are many different finishes, and aluminum can also be anodized different colors. Anodizing protects against corrosion along with allowing coloring so it’s a good option for outdoor signs. Since this logo sign was to go indoors, we simply gave it a brushed finish.

The logo has a lot of different components to it so it was made in multiple pieces and put together before installation. The different layers create a lot of character and dimension while being true to their logo. The detail and lettering were done in chrome vinyl to match the overall look of the sign, while still being visible against the metal background. The reflective letters against the brushed metal create a great contrast.

Both the letters and the logo were mounted spaced off the wall to create more dimension. Holes are drilled into the wall using a pattern where the letters are going to be installed. The letters and logo already have studs tapped into them so they’re installed into the wall with silicone.