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Vinyl graphics are a very easy way to create brand recognition because they are affordable, yet customizable. One very popular way that vinyl is used for advertising is through the use of vinyl lettering. Adhesive vinyl can be applied to virtually any flat surface, and using our plotter we can plot custom logos and letters. From the photos, you can see that we did some custom vinyl work for their suite identification signs and an interior window graphic.

For the suite identification sign, we used plain black vinyl. Vinyl comes in many different colors so if you don’t need a specific color, pre-colored vinyl can be a good option. If your logo has multiple colors but it’s simple we may use multiple pre-colored vinyls, but if it is intricate, we will likely digitally print it. We try to avoid digitally printing for exterior signs because they don’t hold us as week as pre-colored vinyl, pre-colored acrylic, or paint, but for interior signs, it can work well.

For the second logo in the office, we used etched vinyl. When applied to a clear surface, etched vinyl creates a frosted glass look. Etched vinyl is popular in offices because you can cover entire glass windows and doors in it for privacy. You can also cut logos or letters from it which is what we did for Morton Capital Management. For lobby signs with a clear acrylic backer, we sometimes apply etched vinyl to the back of it to create a frosted look. Sometimes, we do it to create a background for the logo. If the sign is going onto a textured wall with different colored tiles or brick, the logo can get lost if it’s just on a clear acrylic backer. So in cases like this, we create a kind of background with etched vinyl.