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Most people have at least heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but many general contractors might not realize the impact it can have on their work. This is especially true when working on massive projects that require significant time and attention. Understanding the ADA and following its guidelines can protect you and the companies you work for from expensive lawsuits. It is essential to know both what the ADA requires in construction and the appropriate signage that you need to use.

What is the ADA?

The ADA was designed to ensure that Americans with disabilities have access to the places and things they need. The ADA created guidelines intended to make locations more accessible to people with disabilities. Following their policies and regulations is essential and legally required to operate a business in the United States. The regulations include rules on things like ADA signs, parking lots, and the structure of buildings. Following ADA guidelines protects your business and ensures that people have access to their needs.

What are ADA Signage Requirements?

ADA signage is critical for demarking ADA-accessible bathrooms in a construction project. To ensure your project is done correctly, you must use ADA-compliant signs that follow regulations. Those regulations include that signage must indicate the nature of the bathroom, the gender it serves, and whether it is accessible. The signage must also include the appropriate images to indicate the gender of the bathroom and braille writing to make the sign legible to blind or sight-impaired. Using the correct signage will make the bathroom safer and more usable for all patrons.

What Requirements Does California Add?

In addition to ADA requirements, California has its regulations for ADA building signage. The rules in California are more strict than federal regulations, and misusing custom ADA signs can be a recipe for disaster. In addition to ADA-compliant room signs, California also requires that signage have a geometric design easily legible by sight and feel for any patron. A quarter-inch thick triangle with 12-inch edges is needed for male restrooms, and for female bathrooms, a circle of a quarter-inch thickness and a 12-inch diameter is necessary. These ADA wall signs also need to be contrasting colors to the door, thus making them easy to see. This makes aluminum ADA signs much more readable for people of all ability levels.

It is vital to make sure that your construction projects are done in compliance with the ADA and that the signage is accurate. Having the correct wholesale custom ADA signage will ensure you pass inspection. This will keep you safe and help people have more access to the spaces they need. If you need ADA-compliant signs at a reasonable price, then please visit our website for more in-depth information.