XRM Media

The Role of Business Signage in Branding and Marketing

Indoor signs can make a huge impression, so many clients invest in a custom illuminated sign to go in their reception or lobby area. Lobby signs are typically logo signs that are installed on the lobby wall, above a doorway, or behind a reception desk. But in some cases, like this sign we made for […]

Chronic Tacos

Compound Lit Channel Letters | Chronic Tacos

White acrylic face Compound Lit Channel Letters The difference between front-lit channel letters and compound channel letters is that compound channel letters are also reverse-lit. More specifically, the signs we make for Chronic Tacos are always compound channel letters with different colored LEDs in the back than in the front. The way we do this […]

Pure Delish

Digital Prints on face of Compound Lit Channel Letters | Pure Delish

Digital Prints on face of Compound Lit Channel Letters Pure Delish was opening a new location in Culver City. They found our business online and felt that we were up to the job of making their logo into an illuminated sign for their new storefront. Their initial idea was to do a front-lit channel letter […]

XRM Studios

XRM Studios Channel Letter Sign

Last week we featured some ADA signs we made for XRM Studios. Along with interior code signs, we also worked on their exterior signs which included two sets of channel letter signs. The first sign was the storefront sign for the entrance. This is a compound channel letter sign which means that the lighting comes […]