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Chronic Tacos is a Mexican Restaurant chain that started right here in Southern California. Since the first location was opened in 2002, they have grown quickly and now have restaurants in 10 states, and even locations in Canada and Japan. We have made may storefront channel letter signs for numerous locations in California, and few out of state. Every now and then, a location will request an interior sign along with the exterior sign. The exterior sign displays the business name, “CHRONIC TACOS”, and what they are, “MEXICAN GRILL”, to advertise the restaurant to new and existing customers. Although advertising isn’t as necessary once someone is already in the establishment, interior signs have a completely different objective. For example, the interior signs we make for Chronic Tacos features their tagline, “Taco Life”. Although an interior sign like this isn’t required, it can greatly improve your branding, interior decor, and customer experience.

The photos of this particular “Taco Life” sign are from the Valencia, California location. We’ve also made interior signs for their Fresno, Burbank, Willow, and Palmdale locations. Overall, we’ve done signs for over 10 of their California locations alone so we are definitely confident in our ability to make a great interior sign that will meet Chronic Taco’s standards.

For outdoor signs, we typically use aluminum or acrylic to withstand the weather conditions. Aluminum and acrylic work great indoors, but we also offer foam dimensional letters for clients who are looking for an inexpensive option. Foam is very lightweight and less expensive than plastics and metals. From the side, you can see foam but as long as the client is okay with it, it can be a great solution for interior signage. The black foam has white acrylic faces so the faces are white and the sides are black.