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Crate & Barrel opened a new design studio in Pasadena and needed a new storefront sign. Crate and Barrel Pasadena Design Studio is influenced by the intimacy of a boutique and offers a new way to get inspired when looking for new furniture, housewares, and decor. The studio has a group of dedicated design experts that help you create a customized plan that helps you meet your needs. You can find exclusive items that aren’t found in other stores, and you can even get wall decor installation services. They wanted to make sure to advertise their new location well with a storefront sign to go right above the entrance.

The type of sign we made is a reverse-lit channel letter sign. A reverse-lit channel letter is a fabricated metal letter sign that lights up at nighttime. With reverse-lit channel letter signs, the light comes out the back and creates a halo effect around the letters. Unless you have external lighting on your storefront, you won’t be able to see the sign after the sun goes down which is why many clients will invest in internally illuminated signage. The design is just like other Crate & Barrel signs, but with “Design Studio” underneath in thinner letters.

Storefront signs help you advertise to new customers and also help people who are looking for your business find it easily. Especially with a well-known logo like Crate & Barrel, the sign is sure to bring them plenty of customers. Are you looking for a storefront sign for your business? Our channel letters are completely customizable and made to order based on your logo.