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Logo signs are useful for all business types including restaurants, retail stores, and professional businesses. Lobby signs are just signs that are installed in the lobby of a business and are typically of the company’s logo. Lobby signs are very popular for office buildings that have visitors such as a law firm, dentist’s office, or financial business. Having the logo displayed right as you walk into the business is a great way to create brand recognition, and personalize your office.

Arete Associates is an existing customer of ours that went through a logo change earlier this year so they needed to replace their existing lobby sign. The old lobby sign was a formed panel in a frame that took up most of the wall. We went out to the location to take a good look at the sign along with getting measurements. Our original plan was to recreate the existing sign with the new logo, but in the end, the client decided to get a sign in a different style, which was a dimensional letter sign. To match the channel letter sign, we used the same vinyl colors used for the channel letters by laying them on the acrylic dimensional letters.

This new sign has a more sleek and modern look, much like their new logo. Our dimensional letters work great for lobby signs because they are completely customizable. We can use different materials, paint colors, vinyl colors, or even use digital prints to match your logo and logo colors exactly.

Are you looking for a creative way to display your logo inside of your business? Give us a call today to get started on your custom lobby sign.