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Air Force Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. has over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, 6 locations throughout Southern California, and is proud to hire military veterans and train them in the HVAC field. They had just purchased a new company car and wanted vehicle graphics that would do a great job of reflecting what their company was about.

For the background, we started with a patriotic color scheme. The wrap is mostly blue but fades to white and red at the bottom.  To balance the way the colors are distributed the mostly red logo is positioned on top of the blue part of the background. Utilizing bright colors in a tasteful way will help your advertising catch the eye of consumers while still looking professional.

Since most consumers will only see your advertisement in passing, it is important that the information is easy to read. The customer is able to see what the business is right away since it is stated with the company name and there are digitally printed images of an air conditioning and heating unit. If the potential customer is stuck in traffic with you, they can get your contact information whether they are behind you or driving next to you. The sides and back of the vehicle are seen the most which is why the front was kept very simple.

There are a few different options of vehicle wraps and this one is a full wrap. A full wrap covers your entire vehicle from end to end and may include bumpers, roof, mirrors, and perforated window film on your rear and side windows. A full vehicle wrap provides the highest impact and most dramatic marketing image. Full vehicle wraps are made by printing your image on special high-performance, adhesive-backed vinyl which is then sealed with a protective UV laminate film. This ensures your vehicle wrap will last and protects your investment. The graphics that cover the windows were all printed separately onto perforated window vinyl. Expert installers then apply this vehicle-sized decal to your car, carefully stretching and placing it in all the proper grooves and contours. The colors Air Force ACH chose came out great and  they were very happy with the finished product.02

Check out our website to see more vehicle wraps we have done or to read detailed blogs about previous jobs. If you’re interested in getting a vehicle wrap done, you can request a quote here. We offer full vehicle wraps, partial vehicle wraps, graphics,