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Exterior signs spend a lot of time in the sun so it is inevitable that they will receive some sun damage.  Health Net had two front lit channel letter signs that had been up for a very long time and as you can see from the before photo, due to the extended exposure to UV rays the faces were washed out of any color.

We gave the signs a new look by replacing the faces and trim caps and we also repaired the LEDs to make sure the exterior sign illuminated brightly and evenly at night time. To get the color they desired for the channel letter faces, we digitally printed it onto vinyl which we then applied to acrylic. We also made sure that the color of the new trim caps matched the new faces. The color Health Net chose will assure that the letters will stand out from the building wall during the day and a night time they will illuminate white. The sign also looks identical to what is on the website. This will help existing customer find the location. Using the company font is easy with channel letters because they are custom made in-house and we can bend the returns to any shape.

Channel letters can be lit from various points or from behind. This channel letter sign is a front-lit channel letter sign. The LEDs are installed inside of each letter and the letters are opaque except for the face so the letters are illuminated at night time. We fabricate channel letters in-house and we normally use aluminum for the returns, which are the sides of the channel letters, and acrylic on the front. Sign acrylic is great for channel letters because they are translucent and come in many color options. If the acrylic doesn’t come in the color you desire or in your company color, we can digitally print any color for you. For illuminated signs, we can use translucent vinyl and for non-illuminated signs, we can digitally print onto white vinyl or just paint the acrylic the desired color.

Front lit channel letters and reverse lit channel letters are pretty common when referring to exterior building signs. Reverse lit channel letters or halo lit channel letters are made from opaque material aside from the back. We keep the back clear so the lights can shine onto the wall and create a halo effect around the letters when illuminated at night time.

Follow this link to check out other channel letter signs we have made. If you’re interested in getting an exterior sign made you can request a free quote here.