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We started with an acrylic backer that we applied etch vinyl to on the second surface to give it a frosted glass look. For the letters and logo, we used aluminum dimensional letters that we painted. The dimensional letters and the logo were installed directly onto the backer and they were mounted with 6 satin stand-offs.

Choosing a lobby sign with an acrylic backer gives you a lot of space and a lot of options for how you want it to look. If you would like dimensional letters we can make them from acrylic, aluminum, or foam. If you choose acrylic you can choose to keep the acrylic color, have us paint the dimensional letters, or laminate the faces with aluminum for a polished look.

If you choose aluminum dimensional letters we can give them brushed faces, and also paint them if you would like us to.

Foam comes in two colors, white and black. If you would like foam dimensional letters we can laminate the faces with acrylic or aluminum. Foam dimensional letters can be made very thick at a fraction of the cost of acrylic and aluminum of the same thickness.

The most affordable option is vinyl. We can digitally print any image or color onto vinyl and apply it to the backer. It will not have as much dimension but you can always have dimensional letters for the company name and a digital print for the logo.

You can check out other office lobby signs we have made by following this link. If you are interested in having a lobby sign made for your business, you can request a quote here.

When it comes to Corporate Identity, your logo is the visual symbol which communicates who you are and what you deliver. It is how your customers recognize your company. Resource 4 Signs wants to ensure that your identity stands tall and communicates your message.