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Chronic Tacos is another one of our returning customers. For their new Palmdale location, we made a set of compound channel letters for the front of the building and a set of compound channel letters for the side of the building. We also made a non-illuminated channel letter sign for the back of the building for maximum recognition.

For the non-illuminated channel letter sign we used 5″ black aluminum returns,  black trimcaps, and 3/16″ white acrylic faces. Every channel letter was individually mounted flush to the wall. Each channel letter sign has it’s own set of dimensional letters that read “Mexican Grill” that we installed underneath the channel letters. These were cut from 1″ acrylic that we painted red. The painted acrylic letters were also mounted flush to the wall.

As you can see in the photo below, the non-illuminated channel letter sign and the compound channel letter sign look identical in the daylight when the LEDs in the compound letters are not on. While most exterior signs are either front-lit channel letters or reverse-lit channel letters, we can make compound channel letters which do both simultaneously. We will be discussing compound letters in detail in our next blog.