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The Hustler Hollywood store in Phoenix, Arizona contacted us for 6 new graphics prints. We have worked with other Hustler Hollywood stores in West CovinaBakersfieldHollywood, and St. Augustine. Feel free to follow the links to read blogs about the other digital prints we have made along with photos.

The store in Phoenix is the newest of many Hustler Hollywood locations and like the other ones they wanted large prints to display throughout the interior of the store. They were going to have a grand opening and wanted to be sure to have all of the interior decoration done in time.

To print these large images we use our large format printer to digitally print the image onto vinyl. We then laminate the image with clear, glossy vinyl and apply everything to a sibond backer. Sibond is a backer material we use that is made from two pieces of aluminum with a polyethylene core. It is lightweight and great for mounting digital prints.

Two of the wider prints (the top two photos) were too large to be made with one panel so we digitally printed half of the images onto separate pieces of vinyl and applied them to two sibond panels. One print is 91″ x 96″ and the other is 120″ x 80″. The seam goes vertically right down the middle of the prints but as you can see in the photos, the seam is not noticeable because we applied them with the smallest gap possible.

Digital prints are a great way to personalize your business. Offices, restaurants, and retail stores can benefit from this interior signage. Having a high-quality large image in your office conference room will make a good impression on clients and create an aesthetically pleasing environment for employees. Prints are also very popular among restaurants. You can have images of common ingredients used in your restaurant, photos of your popular dishes, or scenery from what your cuisine is based on.

We can mount the image onto a backer, or apply it directly onto a flat surface. We can also print on perforated window vinyl if you would like an image displayed on your window. See-through window graphics, also known as window perf, are printed on mechanically perforated vinyl. The beauty of window perf is that it is incredibly low-tech, comprised of 50% vinyl and 50% holes. Human eyes absorb light reflected from the objects. When someone looks at the image on your window, their eyes absorb the light being reflected off the printed image. The holes cannot be seen. The graphics look like a solid image!

Since we can print anything onto vinyl or perforated vinyl, the possibilities are endless. Click here to check out other mounted wall graphics we have made. If you are interested in wall or window graphics for your business, you can request a free quote here.