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It is a great sign when your business is doing so well that outgrows its current location and needs to move into a bigger one. We love to keep in touch with our customers to help them with any more signage they require and to help with the upkeep of LEDs in signs that are illuminated.

In 2012 we created this beautiful stainless steel reverse channel letter sign for Northwest Mutual. They contacted us recently because they are moving locations and needed our help with removing the reverse channel letter sign without damaging the sign or the wall.

As you can see from the photo, each channel letter has its own wiring to be individually mounted to the wall. We removed and disconnected the electricity to each one individually and will re-install the sign for them once they are moving into the new location.

While we create and install signs, we are with you every step of the way as your company grows and we can assist you with moving existing signs. We offer this service for all exterior signs and interior signs.

 Along with removal, we can also help with repairs. Having a partially lit sign does not look good and we can help you make sure your channel letter sign or illuminated box sign is in optimal condition.

Exterior building signs also go through a lot of wear from sun damage. Channel letter faces or digitally printed images on box signs can start looking faded from the constant exposure to UV rays. Channel letters faces are attached to returns with trim caps so they can be removed for LED repairs. We can help your sign look brand new by removing the old faces and creating new ones. This is also a service you would be interested in if your company went through any branding changes like the company color. If you have an illuminated box sign we can remove the whole face and create a new one with any image or message you would like on it.

We recently helped comScore remove an existing lobby sign that we had made for them in 2013 to create a new one due to a change in their company name. Check out the blog here to read more about it.

There are many options for sign services that we are happy to help you with. If you have an existing sign that you require our services for, you can request a free quote here. You can also feel free to E-mail us if there are any questions that you have about our services.