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We work with many Hustler Hollywood locations. We were contacted by the Bakersfield location regarding 11 large graphic prints they needed made to be put up around various parts of the store. For these digital prints, we use a large format printer. The vinyl is fed directly through the printer and the ink imprints the image directly onto the material for best adhesion.

Large format printers are wider than regular digital printers so most of the prints could be done on one piece of vinyl creating a seamless print. Four of the prints were wider than the vinyl so we split the image in two and put them side by side on the backer. One of the larger prints is shown in the picture on the left. As you can see, the seam is virtually unnoticeable because we adhere the two pieces of vinyl as close as possible.

Each image was digitally printed onto white vinyl and then laminated with clear glossy vinyl. The vinyl image was then applied to a 3mm piece of sibond which is a strong yet lightweight material that is great for adhering large prints onto a wall. Large format printing saves money and it’s fast. You don’t have to compromise quality, these graphics are high quality with vivid colors.

Printing images onto a backer provides the option to have us move the print in the future if you want it moved to another location in the store or if you move locations in general. However, if you are set on a space where you want a graphic or lettering, we can adhere it directly to the wall as long as it is a flat surface. At Resource 4 Signs, we design, print and install custom wall and window coverings and graphics for virtually every type of wall surface and in any location – from the warehouse to the boardroom, and even in the bedroom. Think of it as custom wallpaper in any size, shape, and color. Whether you want to bring the outdoors into the office or to customize your storefront windows, we can create, produce and install virtually any image. Custom wall and window graphics can be permanent or removable and can be installed inside or outside.

Follow this link to check out some custom wall graphics that we’ve done. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. If you’re interested in getting some vinyl graphics done, you can request a free quote here.