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The first sign pictured above is a regular halo lit channel letter sign. We started with a Lexan back which is a very strong, clear polycarbonate. We use Lexan instead of regular sign acrylic because it is UL listed for electric signs due to its high resistance to flammability. On the Lexan, we attached 3.5″ brushed aluminum returns and installed white LEDs. To close up the channel letter we welded brushed aluminum faces to the front and mounted each letter individually to the wall with 1.5″ spacers so the LEDs could shine onto the wall and create a halo effect around the channel letters.

The second picture is the non-illuminated halo letter sign. The letters themselves do not illuminate, we installed a fluorescent light to shine down on the letters. Like the halo lit channel letter sign we used aluminum faces and returns, however, we painted them white. There was no back necessary since we did not install LEDs so pads were installed to the back of the faces so we could mount them to the wall. As you can see from the shadow, these letters were stud mounted to create extra dimension.

Follow this link to check out the different types of channel letters we’ve made. If you’re interested in having a channel letter sign made, you can request a free quote here. Channel letters may be made from metal, acrylic or any other materials that can be internally illuminated or non-illuminated. This offers a 3-D visual sign that many of our customers desire. Channel letters can either be individually mounted directly to the wall or mounted on a rectangular box called a raceway, which is then mounted to the wall.