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Having a roof sign for your business is the optimal exterior signage. Especially if you already have a recognizable company name, it will attract a lot of new and existing customers. This roof sign is double-sided so whichever direction someone is driving or walking, they will be sure to see your advertisement. This is also an illuminated roof sign so at night time your business can continue to stand out.

Most existing buildings, like this one, will already have a roof sign frame attached to the building. This roof sign had existing faces for another company so with the help of our bucket truck we removed them and installed the new ones that we made. Making any changes on a building sign like this may seem impossible, but our skilled installers are able to get the job done easily so all you have to think about is how you want your sign to look.

The Fabrication Process

We made two sign faces, one for either side of the sign. Both were made from a digitally printed flex-face material that we stretched and attached to the existing roof sign frame. This sign material is great for displaying graphics that look great during and the day and is translucent so it can be illuminated at night time. It is durable and flexible so it is ideal for large exterior signs that will need to endure a lot of exposure to the weather.

Legible Advertising

For a large exterior sign that is seen by a lot of people driving by, you want to make sure that the information can be read quickly. The white font against a black background is perfect if you want to make sure the words stand out. We also printed the logo in the company color so it is easily recognizable. The best way to create brand recognition is to use the same color, logo, and font in all of your advertisements. This gives the consumer a sense of trust and comfort when they see your sign because they are seeing something that they are familiar with. People, in general, tend to stick with things they are comfortable with so creating that relationship is a great way to make and keep customers.

Follow this link to read another blog about a roof sign face we replaced. We also converted their fluorescent tubes to LEDs. If you’re interested in getting new faces for your exterior signs, you can request a quote here.