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When it comes to exterior building signage, the possibilities are endless. With new businesses starting and existing businesses upgrading their branding, signage is always in demand. Custom business signs are necessary for new businesses to get recognition or for existing businesses to make customers aware of a logo change or a new location. Exterior signage is like the welcoming committee for your business. It should be well maintained, easy to read and represent your business well. We make many different types of exterior signs in many options of style, shape, and colors.

Customized Building Signage

The owner of a new store, French Inc., needed an exterior building sign to announce her new business to the public. We work with many different materials and to make the sign that the owner had in mind, we decided to go with HDU foam. High-Density Urethane Sign Board, also known as foam board, is the perfect sign material for creating amazing custom signage. It’s durable and easy to work with so it is optimal for exterior building signs.

Creating an HDU Foam Sign

HDU foam is easily machined, carved, or media blasted to be made into the design of your choice. For French’s sign, we carved the foam and scalloped the corners. The owner wasn’t sure exactly what color she wanted the sign to be so we sent her a few renderings with different color options. In order to make sure your sign looks exactly how you’d like it to before we begin making it, we will send you proofs of the sign based on what you would like and we do not start fabrication until the design is 100% approved by you.

Complementing the Facade

She decided to go with this cool gray color that looks very nice with the facade of the building. When creating a custom building sign, it is important to keep the looks of your storefront in mind. This building sign suits the quaint look of the storefront very well and even matches the gray color of the roof tiles. After the paint was dry, we painted a white border to match the shape of the sign. The letters “FRENCH” are cut from white acrylic. After spacing the letters out evenly, each acrylic dimensional letter was applied individually. Lastly, we mounted the sign with screws that we painted the same color as the sign so they are virtually unnoticeable!

No matter what kind of sign you are looking for, we will help you every step of the way from designing, fabrication to installation to make sure you get your dream sign. If you already have an idea for a building sign for your business, you can request a quote here.