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If you share a parking lot with other businesses or if you own a large parking garage, it is inevitable that you will need to have parking signs to help people understand where they can and cannot park. Nothing is more frustrating than having to spend a lot of time parking and walk far in your own work building.

Some street parking signs, especially in Los Angeles, can get confusing with multiple rules and timeframes for different days of the week. Our goal is to make legible signs that are easy to understand. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) owns two buildings in Westlake Village and required some signage for their parking garage to label some reserved parking spaces.

 We make durable and long-lasting parking signs that are custom made for your business. We have worked with many different businesses from restaurants to pet medical centers that needed customized parking signs. Feel free to check out the gallery that is featured on our website. For TIAA we went with a white background with green lettering and a green border. We also included “V.C.C.” in black with a different typeface so it would stand out.

We made five of these signs in total by digitally printing the message onto vinyl, laminating it with clear vinyl for extra durability, and applying it onto five separate pieces of aluminum that we rounded the corners on. Aluminum is durable yet lightweight which makes it a great choice of material for outdoor signs. We use it for many signs that range from large channel letters to small gate signs.

The parking garage already had existing posts so we delivered the signs and installed them. For most signs, we offer delivery and installation so everything is taken care of on our end. Along with creating and installing the five signs, we also painted new parking space numbers with an existing stencil. This method is used a lot in large parking structures and it is very effective because the numbers and letters easy to read, and the paint is long-lasting.

You can get very creative with parking signs. We have had customers incorporate their logo and company colors into parking signs. Not only does this add more personality to your parking lot, if a customer is familiar with your logo, it will be easier for them to spot where they can park. It’s all about making your customer’s experience with your business stress-free from when they arrive.