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There are many different material options for building signs. From aluminum box signs to acrylic dimensional letters, there are so many different styles to choose from so we won’t have a problem helping you design a sign that is perfect for your company.

Alternative Offroad was established right here in Chatsworth, California. It is an off-road lighting & accessories company that also offers full custom UTV builds and local installations. We were more than happy to help out another Chatsworth-based company that brings their products to the customer.

They wanted something that would really reflect the personality of the company and stay true to their company logo. Since they sell lighting and other accessories for off-roading, they wanted an “x” made from tire tracks as the background. They also use the “x” behind their logo as a watermark for their Instagram posts which is great for branding, especially with such a popular social media platform.

The “x” along with the outline of the lettering is actually all one piece. We cut out the outline of the sign from sibond and applied a digital print of the tire tracks and white border letters. Sibond is a lightweight material made from aluminum and polycarbonate that is great for mounting digital prints.

Now that we had the outline of the letters ready, we applied the dimensional letters. The word “alternative” is made from acrylic dimensional letters and “OFFROAD” is brushed aluminum dimensional letters. The great thing about using a CNC router to create these dimensional letters is that we can recreate your typeface to make sure it matches your logo exactly. If you go to a generic company with pre-made letters, you can’t get that kind of customization to keep your branding consistent. The acrylic was painted to match their company color and the aluminum was left as-is to keep the metallic look.

 After we applied each letter to the digitally printed sibond backer, we were ready to hop onto our bucket truck for installation. Since the building wall was made from brick, we mounted the sign using pan-head screws & anchors to make sure the sign stayed in place. We don’t get much rain here in the San Fernando Valley but we can definitely get some surprise winds.

The dimensional sign looks great on top of the building and it has a lot of character because it incorporates acrylic, aluminum, and digitally printed vinyl! Check out some other exterior dimensional letter signs we’ve made on our website. If you are interested in getting a building sign for your business, feel free to request a quote.