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Banners are a popular choice for businesses because they are an affordable way to display customized information. They can help businesses display temporary and seasonal messages. It’s great to see a new business with a “Coming Soon” banner that evolves into a “Grand Opening” or “Now Open” banner. You can keep the public up to date with the status or your new business or advertise temporary specials or offers that change throughout the year. Banners are also movable so they can be reused at different locations.

Using our large format printer, we can create a banner that has exactly what you need to advertise. The vinyl is fed directly into the printer and the ink is imprinted onto the material for a long lasting sign that can be hung outside for a long period of time. A couple years ago we helped Oakridge Mobile Home Park with exterior signage that included multiple banners and post and panel signs. As the community has grown, we have continued to provide needed exterior signs like pool signs and directional signs.

One of the original banners we made for them was a very large “NEW HOMES” and “GATED COMMUNITY” sign that was 15.5 ft by 59 ft to match the length of the roof that we installed it onto. The banner was huge and could even be seen from the street! This was definitely a great way to make sure plenty of people knew about all the newly available homes.

This year, they wanted to update the message on the sign to read “LIMITED LOTS LEFT” and “GATED COMMUNITY” on the second line. This banner was just as big as the original one and was white with red text. When creating a sign that needs to attract attention, you want to make sure that it is easy to read from a distance and easy to read quickly from a moving vehicle. The size of the red letters will have no problems catching the eye of drivers and the short and sweet message is very easy to read at a glance.

 We also made the banner with hems, webbing, and reinforced corners to make sure it would be as durable and long lasting as the previous one. The original banner also needed to be taken down so our installers grabbed plenty of sunscreen to protect themselves from the Los Angeles sun and got to work. The banner was on a frame so we removed the banner and the frame before we could install the new frame and banner. In the photo, you can see the old banner that was taken down and the brand new one that was installed beautifully to create a smooth and legible display.