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Cabinet signs, or box signs, are used for many storefronts because they give you a lot of space to display your company name, logo, and additional information about the business. Our cabinet signs are made in-house which means that the size and shape are completely customizable. Because of this, we can create logo boxes. A logo box frame is essentially a cabinet sign frame that is formed into a custom shape. Since the face can have almost anything printed or adhered onto it, we can create an amazing 3-dimensional display of your logo. In last week’s blog, we went into detail about the channel letters we made. To match the existing sign, we also made a brand new compound logo box for their ship logo. A compound logo box is similar to a compound channel letter in the way that they are both front-lit and halo-lit.

First, we started with cutting the shape of the ship out of Lexan for the back. Lexan is a clear polycarbonate that we use for compound and halo-lit channel letters because it is UL listed to be used for electrical signs, and since it is clear, the LEDs that are installed inside of the sign can shine through it.

After the shape was cut out, we attached the returns. The returns are the sides that are made from aluminum. Our fabricators custom bent the returns to match the outline of the ship.

The logo box itself was 6 ft. tall. On the right is the logo box mid-fabrication after the returns were attached to the backer. In this photo, you can see how big it really is. When a sign is installed on top of a tall building, it needs to be very large in order to be seen from far away.

After painting the inside of the returns a high reflective white to help increase the illumination of the LEDs, we started on the face of the sign. We used white sign acrylic as the base and the parts of the logo face that isn’t white was actually cut from digitally printed translucent vinyl which we laid individually onto the acrylic. White LEDs were installed inside, and since the face is translucent and the back is clear, there will be a halo around the ship like the halo-lit channel letters we made, and the ship design on the face of the logo box can be seen.

Check out the different channel letter galleries we have on our website to see the differences and benefits of each option. If you own a business in need of a new channel letter sign, you can request a quote here.