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Channel letter signs are commonly installed onto buildings as storefront signs. We can make them illuminate at night time to help customers find your location or to advertise to potential customers. The great thing about our channel letters is that they are completely custom made by us so we can make sure that your logo is accurately represented, right down to the typeface and logo colors.

The channel letter sign we made for Forest Lawn were front-lit channel letters. Front-lit means that only the front, or face, of the letters, light up. This means that the face is made from translucent material, while the rest of the channel letters are metal so the LEDs on the inside only shine through the front.

The face for each letter was cut from a thin acrylic. To get their distinct company color, we digitally printed the color onto translucent vinyl and laminated it with a clear, glossy vinyl. The returns of our channel letters are made from aluminum. To match their company colors, we used dark bronze aluminum and we made each letter 5″ deep. To attach the faces to the returns, we use trimcap to line the faces. For these channel letters, we used gold trimcap to create a nice gold border around each letter.

For the trademark symbol, we started with a white acrylic base. The border and the “R” is another layer of acrylic. We digitally printed the same color we used for the face of the channel letters onto vinyl and applied it to the faces of the acrylic. Everything was mounted flush directly onto the wall and it stands out well among the red channel letter signs that are in the same plaza.

Check out our website gallery to see other front-lit channel letter signs we’ve made where we digitally printed a color onto vinyl for the faces. We can also use day and night vinyl or just use the color of the existing acrylic.