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Infinity Comics, Cards and Apparel opened up earlier this year at the Simi Valley Town Center. They took over the suite that used to house Dreamworld Comics and they were looking for an inexpensive way to advertise that a new source for comic books was available. Unless you are occupying a suite in a newly constructed mall or plaza, there are instances where the previous business’ signage is still up. On top of the new signage, Infinity Comics asked us to help them with the removal of the old sign that was on the building.

When we were first contacted for the window graphic and building sign removal, the first thing we asked were for were photos of both the window where they wanted the graphic and the existing sign, along with measurements of the window. When starting a new project, photos and measurements are very important. Since we’re a custom shop, we don’t have set prices on anything. This is why measurements are crucial to us when creating a new sign. If a customer is able to provide good photos to help us understand their needs, we can get started on a quote for them right away rather than having to schedule a time to come drive out to the location.

Regarding any removal or installation, we need to know what we’ll need in order to perform the job. A good photo of the existing sign or sign area from far away along with measurements will help us understand whether we’ll just need a ladder, our bucket truck, or if we’ll need to rent a lift. Many people think that since they are unable to get that high up, there is no way for them to get measurements. But with the technology that we have and the skills that our employees have, there are easier options. If you just take a front-facing photo of a tall building and measure something straight like the door, our designer can use that to scale the rest of the building to get an estimate of how tall the whole building is. Getting creative and using methods like this can help with getting started on jobs quicker, and saving time and money for everyone involved.

For the window graphic, we had the customer simply send us measurements of the window space and what he wanted to be displayed. Our designer then laid out a graphic that would look good in that space and stylised the lettering a bit so it wasn’t just all uniform lettering. The customer was happy with the design and once a proof was approved, we were able to go out to install their new window graphic and remove the old sign.