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Vehicle advertising is so popular, you are sure to see a vehicle graphic or two on your morning commute. As you may have noticed, there are different forms of vehicle advertising. The three main styles we offer are wraps, spot graphics, and window vinyl. The type of vehicle graphic you’ll want to get will depend on where you want the graphics to be and the design that you’re looking for.

Protection Alarms is a full security system solutions company based in the San Fernando Valley. We’d worked with them previously for vehicle graphics and they came back to us recently with a new vehicle. They wanted some basic information on the sides and rear of the vehicle so they decided to go with spot graphics again. If a business is looking for a simple way to display their company name and contact information, spot graphics are usually the first choice. For Protection Alarms, we digitally printed the logo and the rest of the information was done in black vinyl lettering that was in the same style of font as the logo. Cut vinyl lettering can work very well on vehicles, especially if you’re using contrasting colors.

A full wrap is when we cover the entire vehicle from end to end, which can include bumpers, mirrors, and windows. This provides the highest impact on marketing because you can use high-quality images or bright colors to make your vehicle stand out on the road. We can make your whole car your company colors along with displaying your logo, contact information, and services for maximum branding. Some companies also like to use images that represent their company like a photo of a solar panel for a solar panel dealer, or images that represent your cuisine if you are a restaurant. Full wraps completely transform your vehicle and will definitely bring in new business.

If a full wrap isn’t necessary for the design, we can also do a partial wrap. With a partial wrap, anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of the vehicle is wrapped. We can use colors that work with the existing color of the car and add additional graphics to the doors or windows to finalize your marketing message.

Some people don’t want to risk damaging the paint on their vehicle so they opt for perforated window vinyl. We can digitally print anything to be seen from the outside, but from the inside, you will be able to see through the perforation to keep driving safely.

No matter the vehicle and what you want to have on it, we can create something for you that will look great and last.