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Indoor logo signs make a great impression so you want to have it installed where the most people will see it. This is why a lot of businesses go with lobby signs or reception area signs. Corbel Capital Partners in Los Angeles knew that they wanted a logo sign for their lobby but they hadn’t decided on whether to put it on the wall or the reception desk. Although a wall sign is a popular choice, they also had a section of the reception desk that was wood that they thought their logo might look good on. To help them make a decision, we gave them a quick rendering of the different options. In order to create a rendering, we need good head-on photos of where the sign is going, the dimensions of the sign area, and a vector file of the logo.

Acrylic Backer Panel Sign on Desk

One thing to consider when designing a sign are the colors of the logo and how they will contrast against where the sign is going. The section of the desk they were considering putting the sign was a dark wood color. Putting the logo directly on the desk wouldn’t be the best idea because the logo wouldn’t stand out due to its darker colors. To avoid this issue, we give them an acrylic backer option where the logo would go onto a clear backer that had etched vinyl on it. This would create a nice background for the logo to stand out against.

Dimensional Letters on Wall

The wall was white so for this option, the custom painted dimensional letters would go directly onto the wall. These were acrylic dimensional letters that would be mounted to the wall with VHB. Unlike the backer option, these would be installed individually on-site as opposed to being applied to a backer at our shop and the whole sign being installed at once.

Metal Letters on Desk

During the quoting process, our designer felt that metal letters would look great with the dark wood on the desk so we threw that in as a 3rd option. This option would have used aluminum dimensional letters with a brushed finish. Like the previous option, these were to go directly onto the wall as individual letters.

After reviewing the three different options, Corbel Capital Partners decided to go with the wall sign option. Although all three options looked great, they felt that the dimensional letters directly on the wall represented their company the best.