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A few years ago, we were approached by a professional Santa who needed help with some advertising on his “sleigh”. A reindeer-driven sleigh isn’t practical for a modern Santa, especially in Los Angeles, so this Santa opted for a big red truck.

He had artwork that he wanted to display on his rear window of a cartoon Santa being pulled in his sleigh by some reindeer. In the original design, his tagline “Yes I am” was to be displayed on the rear window with the graphic. But he did have more room on the tailgate so we put the tagline there.

The tagline is a great addition to the vehicle advertising because it helps set him apart from all of the other Santas this holiday season. It’s the answer to what every child asks upon meeting a “Santa”, and also appeals to those who are looking to book him that have a sense of humor.

Along with his red truck, he also had a red Volkswagen Beetle that he wanted rear graphics on. For both of these cars, we used perforated vinyl. The desired image is printed onto the perforated vinyl so from the outside you can see the printed graphic, but from the inside, you can still see out to drive. Not only is this a great way to be able to advertise using a large space of your car, it’s illegal to have less than 70% of light passing through your window in California. The vinyl we use is 70/30 for this reason.

His Volkswagen how has some additional spot graphics, and his license place even reads “SANTAS”. These graphics are sure to attract a lot of attention this holiday season. Feel free to check out other window graphics we’ve done for vehicles on our website gallery.