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Signage can help with conveying information while adding to your interior decor. A Shell gas station store in Newport Beach was in need of interior signage to help label the different areas of the store. This store was going to be more high-end compared to typical gas station stores so they wanted very nice signs made. They knew right off the bat that they wanted some of the signs to be reverse-lit so we went out to their location while the interior was still under construction to get the measurements of the space and check out the electricals. After consulting with the client, we decided to make the larger letters reverse-lit channel letters, and some of the smaller text as non-illuminated dimensional letters.

“COLD BEVERAGES” and “FROZEN” were meant to be seen right away so these were the largest letters. These are 3 1/2″ deep channel letters with a brushed aluminum finish on the faces and returns. The backs are clear Lexan and white LEDs are installed inside so the illumination creates a halo effect around each letter onto the wall. To give the light from the LEDs space, we mounted the letters with 1 1/2″ spacers. We had access to the area behind these signs since these were above the cooler doors so we installed the power supply and j-box behind the wall.

The other channel letters we made were for the beverage area. We didn’t have the option to install anything on the back of the wall for these signs so we made a raceway. A raceway is an aluminum box that we make to hold the electricals. The channel letters are installed onto the raceway in our shop so the signs are transported as one piece. Instead of mounting these directly onto the wall, the client wanted them to hang from the ceiling against the wall.

There were additional signs that they wanted to put up directly above the cooler doors but since they didn’t need to be illuminated, they were made from black acrylic with brushed aluminum laminate faces. The faces of the letters match the channel letters exactly, but they are smaller and thinner so they complement the channel letters very well. It’s not uncommon to see a channel letter sign accompanied by a tagline made from acrylic dimensional letters. It’s a great way to convey more information without taking too much attention away from the main sign.