What Does a Great ADA Sign Look Like?

It is tough to make a great ADA sign if you do not know what it should contain. ADA signs should be made with a non-glare finish. They must have high contrast between the background and the content, aside from any included braille. Visual characters must meet the font, size, and contrast requirements. Additionally, ADA […]

When Are ADA Signs Required?

Part of complying is knowing when the signs are required. Any building that is open to the public must have ADA-compliant signs. They must be posted at each entrance and exit, doors inside stairwells, and any part of the building that pertains to safety somehow. Additionally, they must be present in their correct placement for […]

Who Enforces ADA Requirements?

So this one is a bit of a trick question. Technically, the Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing ADA laws, both in general terms and those specific to signage. Still, the Department of Justice doesn’t have the time or resources to go around to every building and make sure that it is in line […]

Does California Impose Additional ADA Requirements?

The state of California has some additional ADA sign requirements that go beyond federal regulations, specifically regarding bathroom signage. In many instances, bathrooms will require two signs: those complying with federal laws and those complying with those established by California. California restrooms must be marked by a geometric sign that must be centered horizontally on […]