How to Create Compelling ?

Not all storefront signs are created equal. If your storefront sign is going to do what you need to attract customers and make your store visible, it needs to be compelling. It should be a perfect fit for your business and be consistent with your other branding. For this reason, having your storefront sign custom-made […]

How Should I Determine the Right Size for My Storefront Sign?

Even the best storefront sign won’t be able to do its job correctly if it isn’t big enough. How big you should make your sign depends on how far away you want it to be visible. A good rule of thumb is to take the size of your sign and multiply it by 10-12. That’s […]

What Are the Best Fonts to Use for My Storefront Sign?

Which font is best to use for your outdoor storefront sign will depend on a few factors—first, readability. If you want your sign to be easily readable, it’s generally best to go with a thick, sans-serif font. Helvetica and Arial are examples of easy-to-read fonts. They’re relatively common on new or modern signs. Alternatively, if […]