What Are Acrylic Channel Letters?

Consider acrylic channel letters for a lightweight lettering option that can be used outdoors and is highly customizable. Acrylic lettering is relatively inexpensive and can be cut and shaped to suit your signage needs. This form of lettering is most commonly stud mounted, so if that’s the property owner’s preference, you may find acrylic channel […]

What Is a Backer Panel?

If you want to customize a channel letter sign further, consider adding a backer panel. A backer panel is an optional sign feature typically made from aluminum or ACM. You can use it to optimize channel letters’ appearance by adding contrast and helping them stand out more. It can be instrumental in amplifying the halo […]

What Is a Cutoff Switch?

A cutoff switch is an on/off switch for your illuminated channel letter sign. It’s an electrical component and is typically located somewhere on the building’s exterior, the raceway, or individual letter.

What Is a Direct Mount?

Also called a flush mount, a direct mount is a mounting style used for some channel letter signs. This type of mount features letters that are directly attached to the building facade. In the case of halo letters, 1.5′ standoffs are used to attach the lettering.

What Is Stroke Width?

The front of channel letters needs to be thick enough for the manufacturer to make them. The thickness of the front is referred to as the stroke width. Regardless of whether the sign is front-lit or halo-lit, the stroke width needs to be at least 1.5″ unless they’re on the same sign, in which case […]

What Is a Trim Cap?

Trim caps give the lettering of a channel letter sign a finished appearance. They create a fastening surface that attaches to the return of the lettering. They can be required if using traditional fabrication methods. Despite their ability to create a finished appearance, there can be some downsides to having a trim cap. Trim caps […]

What Does a Great ADA Sign Look Like?

It is tough to make a great ADA sign if you do not know what it should contain. ADA signs should be made with a non-glare finish. They must have high contrast between the background and the content, aside from any included braille. Visual characters must meet the font, size, and contrast requirements. Additionally, ADA […]

When Are ADA Signs Required?

Part of complying is knowing when the signs are required. Any building that is open to the public must have ADA-compliant signs. They must be posted at each entrance and exit, doors inside stairwells, and any part of the building that pertains to safety somehow. Additionally, they must be present in their correct placement for […]

Who Enforces ADA Requirements?

So this one is a bit of a trick question. Technically, the Department of Justice is responsible for enforcing ADA laws, both in general terms and those specific to signage. Still, the Department of Justice doesn’t have the time or resources to go around to every building and make sure that it is in line […]

Does California Impose Additional ADA Requirements?

The state of California has some additional ADA sign requirements that go beyond federal regulations, specifically regarding bathroom signage. In many instances, bathrooms will require two signs: those complying with federal laws and those complying with those established by California. California restrooms must be marked by a geometric sign that must be centered horizontally on […]

Why Use Professional Business Signs?

Theoretically, you could take making a sign for your business into your own hands. It can be tempting to try to save money by doing it yourself. That isn’t usually a good idea, though. A professionally made business sign will be of much greater quality with better construction and visual impact than a DIY sign. […]

What Materials Should You Use for Your Custom Business Sign?

So, what materials should you have your custom business sign made from? There are a lot of different options to consider. Metals such as brass, stainless steel, copper, and bronze are all options. Finishings and coatings can be applied to metal signs to prevent rusting and preserve their appearance. Outdoor business signs are most commonly […]

How to Create Compelling ?

Not all storefront signs are created equal. If your storefront sign is going to do what you need to attract customers and make your store visible, it needs to be compelling. It should be a perfect fit for your business and be consistent with your other branding. For this reason, having your storefront sign custom-made […]

How Should I Determine the Right Size for My Storefront Sign?

Even the best storefront sign won’t be able to do its job correctly if it isn’t big enough. How big you should make your sign depends on how far away you want it to be visible. A good rule of thumb is to take the size of your sign and multiply it by 10-12. That’s […]

What Are the Best Fonts to Use for My Storefront Sign?

Which font is best to use for your outdoor storefront sign will depend on a few factors—first, readability. If you want your sign to be easily readable, it’s generally best to go with a thick, sans-serif font. Helvetica and Arial are examples of easy-to-read fonts. They’re relatively common on new or modern signs. Alternatively, if […]